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Dr. D. Wright


thanks azingacartoons for yet another great educational cartoon. EZO d lil' mermaid is fantastic...we love it.




Bruce G.

Good Morning Azinga Cartoons,

My children love watching your educational cartoons and playing the educational games.

Thank You,

Bruce G.



Dr. D. Wright


The Educational Cartoons are amazing. Especially, Ezo's Fun Adventures Series. It's just right for my Preschool to watch. They catch every show now that it's on comcast cable TV. Keep Up this Awesome work!!! We love you guys more than words can explain.

I highly recommend Azinga Cartoons to any Child Care Facility.

Owner/ Director: Dr. D. Wright



Pastor K. Brown

Thank You

Azinga Cartoons =)

When my church watched the Bible Stories cartoon, it was like a breathe of fresh air that we was long waiting for. Glory be to God..Hallelujah. We thank you so much. We needed educational African-American cartoons 70 years ago. So again, thank you and my God Bless you all. =)

Pastor Brown



Tammy Lawrence

Love the educational cartoons/ love the spoken word poetry/ really love using the learning worksheets and games for my school.

2thumbs up (can't wait to see ezo the little mermaid)





Me and my kids love all the cartoons and the storytime. We also love the educational website.



Derrick M.


(*Great Site *Great Info *Great Cartoons) I love the History Documentary & the Math Video. By the way, I learned about Azinga Cartoons website from the radio and tv and am glad I did.



Kenya Ward site



Jason Bolden

yes sir yes sir

awesome sports videos / pics



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